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Fun AR with Kyorochan


“Fun AR with Kyorochan” is a free AR game app to play on Chocoball packages released by Morinaga & Co.,Ltd.Scanning Chocoball package through the app, Kyorochan AR game will appear on the package.As the first series of the “Fun AR with Kyorochan”, four games can be enjoyed, “Kyorochan ski”, “Kyorochan snowboard”, “Kyorochan sleigh” and “Kyorochan tube”.Try getting high scores by controlling Kyorochan. Move the package to avoid obstacles and obtaining items.
[Directions]1. Tap “start” and select the same game of the package you have.2. After the camera is on, hold the package to fit into the square frame in the captured image.3. The game will be shown on the package.
[First series of “Fun AR with Kyorochan” “Playing in the snow”](1) Peanuts: Kyorochan ski(2) Caramel: Kyorochan snowboard(3) Strawberry:Kyorochan sleigh(4)Kyorochan snowball: Kyorochan tube
[Caution]This app requires Chocoball package to play the game.You can play the game by use of only the packages with “AR toy series” written on it.
[What is AR?]AR stands for “Augmented Reality”, which you can experience as if the character or objects exists in the real world with smartphone cameras.
[What is AR game with real gravity?]It allows you to control virtual characters or objects according to real gravity. This techniqe is developed based on a project called “Development of advanced applications with AR” by Smart Machine Design Laboratory (SMDLab) at Hosei University.